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2017 Program for Australian Classic Films!
Chiltern's Historic Star Theatre.

Please mark the following dates on your calendar!

Rhonda & Charlie Summerfield's Star Theatre is a unique and wonderful
experience all of its own, and is like stepping back in time to the atmosphere
of the old world picture theatre of the 1940's.

Regular film nights are held in the historic Star Theatre in Chiltern,
showcasing Australian films. 
Film nights are held about once a month with a BBQ before
hand and tea and scones afterwards with a discussion of the film and often
guest speakers. It's a great night. We celebrated our 14 th Anniversary in
November 2013.

2010 Indigo Shire Heritage Awards 'Heritage Champion Award'
for 'Works in Historic Landscapes' with our Australian Classic Movie nights.

Cost: $28 (pay on the night) -  includes BBQ tea, film showing,
discussion and supper. Children half price
or come along at 8pm for film showing etc. Cost $15

  Bookings essential for catering please by Thursday evening.
Numbers can be from 20 to 100!    So book early! 
(Too few & we cancel, over 100 you miss out)

Take advantage of our  $25 Early-bird concession price if booking and payment
is received by the Wednesday prior to the film night by Direct Debit
or payment at the Chiltern Post office
Direct Debit to BSB 063 744  CBA   Acct no 10029531. 
Chiltern Rutherglen Continuing Education.

Please include your name & course in reference line.

For Enquiries & Bookings
Phone: Lois (03) 57 261 358
Emma/Matt, Chiltern Post Office. (03) 57 261300

Saturday 18th February:
"Kitty and the Bagman" 1983 M

With Liddy Clark, John Stanton, Val Lehman, Colette Mann, Paul Chubb.

Guest Speaker is Rob Whyte,-an extra in the film who will give us an insight
into the making of the movie.
Capturing the dynamic colour and movement of the 1920’s Sydney a vibrant city
of optimism bulging with a dark underbelly of crime. A light entertaining
criminal pantomime with snazzy costumes and antics of gangsters and molls and the true
razor gang wars of the Sydney waterfront.
It's easy and self-assured and positively glowing with energy and good humour
- a real little bottler of a movie celebrating with just the right sort of larrikin air
the motley array of gangsters and molls and bent coppers and crooked judges
who helped to make Australia what it is today.

Kitty, wonderfully and zestfully portrayed by Liddy Clark, rises from an innocent
young bride arriving at the end of World War I, to the owner of
the ‘Top Hat’ a no-holds-barred niterie.

Saturday 18th March: 
“Oddball and the Penguins" (2015) G

Starring Shane Jacobson, Alan Tudyk, Sarah Snook, Richard Davies, 
and Kai the Maremma sheepdog.

He’s lovable, loyal and quite a handful. In fact, Oddball the dog has a reputation
in his local community as a bit of a troublemaker. So when his eccentric owner,
Swampy Marsh, suggests Oddball could be trained to protect the endangered
penguins on the nearby island from foxes, the authorities think he’s barking mad.
But Swampy always likes to bite off more than he can chew. With the help of
his beloved granddaughter, the feisty chicken farmer sets out to prove that
man’s-best-friend can be penguin’s-best-friend too.
“Oddball”is an entertaining and inspiring moviebased on a true story.
It's a good family film that has plenty of humour, but it also has a lot of heart.

Saturday 8th April: 
“Dirty Deeds” (2002) MA15+

   Stars Bryan Brown, Toni Collette, Sam Neill, Sam Worthington.
It is 1969 and business is booming for Barry Ryan,  a Sydney crime boss.
But things get a bit complicated- personally and professionally
–when the Chicago Mafia come to town and try to muscle their way in.
Ryan soon finds himself fending off the trigger-happy "yanks", outback-style,
while also contending with his feisty wife, needy mistress, and a crooked cop.
It's fast, funny and full of action.

Saturday 26th August: TBC
"The Bounty" (1984) PG

Starring Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. Daniel Day Lewis, Liam Neeson 
This is an action packed adventure tale retelling the story of the "Mutiny on the Bounty"  
 Hopkins stars as William Bligh, the sea captain who in 1789,
steered ‘The Bounty’ on the long journey to Tahiti.
Mel Gibson stars as Fletcher Christian, the leader of the mutineers.
 (William Bligh was later appointed Governor of the Colony of New South Wales
in Australia, with orders to clean up the corrupt trade of the New South Wales Corp.
His actions directed against the trade resulted in the so-called Rum Rebellion)

Come along and make it another great film year!   Cheers Lois

For Enquiries & Bookings
Phone: Lois (03) 57 261 358
Emma/Matt, Chiltern Post Office. (03) 57 261300

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