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2017 Program for Australian Classic Films!
Chiltern's Historic Star Theatre.

Please mark the following dates on your calendar!

Rhonda & Charlie Summerfield's Star Theatre is a unique and wonderful
experience all of its own, and is like stepping back in time to the atmosphere
of the old world picture theatre of the 1940's.

Regular film nights are held in the historic Star Theatre in Chiltern,
showcasing Australian films. 
Film nights are held about once a month with a BBQ before
hand and tea and scones afterwards with a discussion of the film and often
guest speakers. It's a great night. We celebrated our 14 th Anniversary in
November 2013.

2010 Indigo Shire Heritage Awards 'Heritage Champion Award'
for 'Works in Historic Landscapes' with our Australian Classic Movie nights.

Cost: $30 (pay on the night) -  includes BBQ tea, film showing,
discussion and supper. Children half price
or come along at 8pm for film showing etc. Cost $15

  Bookings essential for catering please by Thursday evening.
Numbers can be from 20 to 100!    So book early! 
(Too few & we cancel, over 100 you miss out)

Take advantage of our  $28 Early-bird concession price if booking and payment
is received by the Wednesday prior to the film night by Direct Debit
or payment at the Chiltern Post office
Direct Debit to BSB 063 744  CBA   Acct no 10029531. 
Chiltern Rutherglen Continuing Education.

Please include your name & course in reference line.

For Enquiries & Bookings
Phone: Lois (03) 57 261 358
Emma/Matt, Chiltern Post Office. (03) 57 261300

Saturday 26th August: TBC
"The Bounty" (1984) PG

Starring Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins. Daniel Day Lewis, Liam Neeson 
This is an action packed adventure tale retelling the story of the "Mutiny on the Bounty"  
 Hopkins stars as William Bligh, the sea captain who in 1789,
steered ‘The Bounty’ on the long journey to Tahiti.
Mel Gibson stars as Fletcher Christian, the leader of the mutineers.
 (William Bligh was later appointed Governor of the Colony of New South Wales
in Australia, with orders to clean up the corrupt trade of the New South Wales Corp.
His actions directed against the trade resulted in the so-called Rum Rebellion)


Saturday 16th September
"Unfinished Sky" (2007) M

Starring William McInnes,  Monic Hendrickx, David Field, Roy Billing
When Tahmeena stumbles onto John's isolated farm, he has no choice but to take her in.
An illegal refugee, she's been badly beaten and speaks no English. While John's not inclined to
welcome visitors, not since the suspicious death of his wife, he's even less inclined to involve
the police. So he goes about his business as he waits for her to heal.
A reluctant voyage of mutual discovery begins as these two strangers are forced to communicate
and connect through signs and pictures as there comes a gradual understanding of
each other's language.
 But they can't stay hidden away on the farm forever. They won't be truly free until they
venture out. And when they do, the men who think they own Tahmeena come looking for her
- and they won't leave without her.

Saturday 7th October
"The Castle" (1997) M

One of Australia’s favourite films celebrates 20 years since its cinema debut .
Stars Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Eric Banna, Sophie Lee, Stephen Curry, “Bud” Tingwell,
Bryan Dawe, Costas Kilias, Robyn Nevin

  It tells the story of a working-class Australian family who live adjacent to Melbourne's
busy airport. The family is a close-knit group who love and support each other.
The plot centres on the family's desire to keep their home despite the compulsory acquisition
order placed on it by the local authority.
Winner of the 'Best Original Screenplay' (AFI Awards) and 'Australian Movie of the Year'
(Australian Movie Convention), ‘The Castle’ is a gently satirical film which has delighted
audiences with its Australian humour.

2017 update…….. The family house, or “Castle” used in the film, was recently sold at auction
for removal to make way for some townhouses.
We are delighted to have George Fendyck and Geoff Lucas who purchased the house,
as our guest speakers, giving us an insight into the future plans for the house and steps
involved in moving it to Beechworth.

Saturday 18th November
"The True Story of Spit McPhee"

Stars Philip Hancock, Sir John Mills, Elspeth Ballantyne, Rebecca Smart,
Ray Meagher, & Paul Chubb.

Filmed in CHILTERN in 1987 and shown on Channel 9 as a 4 part TV mini series. 

We are delighted to have Marcus Cole
, who was the Director, as our guest speaker.
"When young Spit McPhee came to live with his grandfather, the people of the Australian
country town of St. Helens feared for his future. For Fyfe McPhee was a crazy old man.
Barefoot Spit had to fend for himself along the riverbank where they lived - and when
old Fyfe died after one of his 'turns', a fierce battle to decide Spit's destiny begins”.


Come along and make it another great film year!   Cheers Lois

For Enquiries & Bookings
Phone: Lois (03) 57 261 358
Emma/Matt, Chiltern Post Office. (03) 57 261300

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