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We are committed to providing
a range of quality vocational, accredited, and
leisure courses and programs
to cater for the life-long
learning and development
needs of our community.

Contact us if you would like
us to tailor any courses
for your business on your
site or on ours or if you
would like to suggest a
course that you think might
be of interest to our

What are your
company needs?
What are your
pre-employment needs?
What are your training needs?


Bookings and Enquiries

Co Ordinator: Lois Hotson

Phone: 03 57 261199 or 03 57261358

Bookings can also be made at:

Emma/Matt, Chiltern Post Office. (03) 57 261300
Kathy & Tony Gillman at Gillman Real Estate
Main Street Rutherglen (02) 60 328977





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